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Social Media

Probably no one doubts the importance and power of social networks for any marketing strategy anymore. According to a 2020 Wyzowl survey, 93% of brands acquire new customers through social media videos.

Now the big question has become how to produce them to create good assertive and effective products that, in addition to helping sell your products and services, also improve your position on Google search.

  • Content with images receives 94% more views than text alone.
  • According to the same Wyzowl survey, 84% of people say they have already been convinced to buy something thanks to videos on social networks
  • More than making videos, it is necessary to make good videos that have technical quality, are adapted to the chosen platform and have relevant content.



Twelve seconds is how long it takes the average person to decide whether to watch a video all the way to the end. Presenting an assertive and engaging narrative line is essential to capture the attention of your client.


Viewer focus tends to be less on the internet. So avoid videos longer than 10 minutes. If what you have to say requires more time, choose to divide the content into several chapters.


The quality of the video also demonstrates the quality of the product or service presented. Good professional capture ensures that the customer believes in the excellence of the merchandise, in addition to helping to capture their attention.


Social media is an environment where content is extremely volatile and dynamic. What works today may not work tomorrow. Being aware of what's trending at the moment and future trends in this field is essential for your video not to go unnoticed.


Anyone can make videos for social media. Producing something with good lighting and audio capture and, above all, with high-quality equipment will reflect the professionalism of your brand to the customer.

Why hiring 8 Millimeters?


In addition to experience in the production of videos for social media, we have got know-how with agencies. We have already produced online content for several segments, including digital and advertising, communication, guerrilla and full service. full service.


Our team is experienced in all stages of production for social media. From scriptwriters specialized in storytelling to skilled editors and animation designers. We also have journalists and publicists who are experts in this digital environment studying new trends at all times.


We have experience in video production on several platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Play, among others. Each one has different needs, whether due to bureaucratic reasons or the way the public consumes content. Working them in a different way ensures the success of your video.