Produtora de Programas de TV e YouTube

TV and YouTube Shows

Professional videos always demand a professional production as well and when we talk about YouTube it is no different.

The quality of a video ends up reflecting on the brand's credibility with the public and not by chance, on the assimilation of past information.

This is why companies are increasingly turning to YouTube professionally as a strategic tool and the main means of disseminating their ideas and information.

  • According to YouTube itself, users spend an average of more than an hour a day watching videos on the platform.
  • YouTube immensely helps content creators with market and audience analysis, however, having a team that is already familiar with the platform and audiovisual products is essential to be well qualified.
  • 84% of people say they have already been convinced to buy something thanks to videos, according to Wyzowl (2020). 



The quality of your video will reflect proportionally on the amount your customer will be willing to pay for your products and services. It is important to invest in good lighting and audio capture and above all in high quality equipment to generate credibility and capture your audience's attention.


It's no use investing in just one big production and not maintaining the same level in other content. Youtube's own algorithm values companies that are constantly uploading and maintaining the quality of their videos.


A good ranking in search engines and on YouTube itself comes from knowing SEO, that is, understanding the right terms that your customers tend to search for in order to direct your content more assertively.


People are interested in the new, the unprecedented. Being aware of what your target audience watches and what your competitors produce is essential to understand the market and improve your SEO, but investing in original ideas is essential. 

Why hiring 8 Millimeters?


We have great knowledge of SEO for YouTube. Allied to our expertise and agility in meeting corporate demands, your company will have an exceptional, well ranked and quickly delivered video.


We have a qualified team of makeup artists, costume designers and set designers to meet your demands from pre-production, ensuring uniformity in quality.


We have extensive experience in capturing videos for both TV and digital platforms such as YouTube, in addition to having the necessary structures and equipment to deliver the best video for your company.