Event Capture and Transmission Video Production Company


An event has countless benefits for your company but it always requires a large investment of time, money and work for usually a short duration.

Having full coverage and live transmission, for example, greatly expands the possibilities for future use, distribution and publicity of your event.

In addition, presenting some complementary products such as teasers and same day edit add professionalism and credibility to your event.

  • Events end up limited to a space and period of time, but with live streaming it is possible to reach more people and anywhere in the world.
  • The full coverage of your event guarantees, in addition to the registration, the material to be used in the future for disclosures, analysis or celebrations, for example.
  • Having a same day edit (summary video of the event that is shown to participants on the same day of recording) adds professionalism and captivates by being an extremely exciting and engaging product.
  • Contar com um same day edit (vídeo de resumo do evento que é apresentado aos participantes no mesmo dia da gravação) agrega profissionalidade e cativa por ser um produto extremamente emocionante e envolvente.



The event is a front of your own business. Presenting it with a uniform and pleasant visual identity ends up capturing more attention from your audience and, consequently, improves the assimilation of past content, in addition to reflecting the professionalism of your brand.


Having adequate lighting, good audio recording and, above all, state-of-the-art video equipment is the only way to guarantee a record that shows the quality of your company's event.


Recording moments in real time is always more complicated as there is no room for mistakes. Make sure you have a qualified and experienced team to record your corporate event ready to solve any problem that a live production can bring.


A good event maintains communication and identity from start to finish and that doesn't just mean the day it happens. Hiring a company that does everything from pre-production to post-production ensures unified quality, guaranteed delivery and in-depth knowledge of your brand. 

Why hiring 8 Millimeters?


We have a complete, aligned and agile team to assist you from pre to post production of your event. We can build your visual identity, presentations and full capture. Our editing team is also experienced in same day editing.


We offer cinematographic quality in our productions. Allied to our expertise and agility in meeting corporate demands, your company will have an exceptional video of the event that is quickly delivered and responds to all your demands.


We have vast experience in capturing videos of institutional events, in addition to having the necessary structures and equipment to deliver the best product for your company.