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In 1960, the emergence of image capturing in 8 mm format revolutionized the history of audiovisual production by democratizing it, creating a scenario of discoveries and giving room to visions and voices previously marginalized by the seventh art.

It was with this spirit of experimentation, restlessness and innovation that, in 2010, 8 Milímetros Produções Audiovisuais was born. Initially producing documentaries and TV programs dedicated to discussing society and giving everyone a voice.

In these years of history, we have been able to witness constant changes in Advertising and Communication in Brazil and worldwide. And we are very proud of printing our aesthetics, language and personality in several works carried out with brands that we admire and identify with.

For this, we work with the best and most modern equipment on the market and with a specialized team that includes directors, directors of photography, screenwriters, producers, reporters, photographers, cameramen, audio operators, colorists, image and audio editors and videographers.

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