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Web Series

Audiences are migrating from TV to the digital environment. According to Google, from 2014 to 2019 online video consumption grew by 165% while television consumption increased by only 24%.

People are looking for quality content and entertainment on the internet. The web series is a powerful marketing tool that besides capturing your audience's attention and publicizing your products and services, has the power to convey what your brand believes and stands for.

  • Web series is a series of episodes released on the internet and has been very popular with the growth of streaming sites. streaming.
  • It is a way to offer quality entertainment content to your audience, spreading an important message for the company.
  • Producing teasers, advertisements and trailers for your web series is essential to promote it and ensure that it will be known.



The web series is a series of episodes with a common narrative line, so maintaining constancy in content, quality and script itself is extremely important. 


People absorb good stories better. And what is a webseries other than the story? A good screenwriter is fundamental in internet series to create compelling, constant narratives that generate engagement.


People are interested in the new, the involving and the truth. Investing in original ideas is always a good strategy to capture the public's attention, but it's also important to transmit a message that matches what your company believes and stands for.


Being aware of what your target audience watches and what your competitors produce is essential in addition to understanding the market to produce quality content that your customers are truly interested in. 

Why hiring 8 Millimeters?


We know how important and complex it is to create captivating and attractive scripts, which is why we have a team of screenwriters specialized in storytelling and with extensive experience in story productions.


We offer cinematic quality in our productions. Combined with our expertise and agility in meeting demands, your company will have an exceptional web series.


Temos uma equipe completa e qualificada desde maquiadores, figurinistas e cenógrafos, a editores e designers de animação, para atender a todas as suas demandas, garantindo uniformidade e qualidade.