According to Insivia, people retain 95% of a message once they see it in a video. Compared to the 10% that are assimilated when reading texts on screens, the difference is remarkable.

Relying on a presentation video for your company ensures that your client receives all the information in a more assertive and understanding way.

In addition, the audiovisual resource also ensures that the information provided is entirely correct, regardless of who represents your brand at the time of presentation.

  • A video with good storytelling can explain more clearly and in much less time.
  • Vídeos de apresentação também são muito utilizados em eventos, pois são ágeis e captam a atenção do público mais facilmente.
  • In presentations that require texts and live representatives, it is possible – and recommended – to insert short videos between the various decks to break your client's expectations and consequently capture their attention.



People better assimilate past information fluidly and assertively. A good screenwriter is essential to create attractive narratives that transmit all information to your client in a way that convinces him to consume your product or service.


A presentation is a front for your own company. Using a uniform and pleasant visual identity matching your brand adds professionalism and recognition.


Even when texts, graphics or visual aids are needed, you can use a video for your company presentation. It's interesting to use Motion Graphics so that all information is passed on without losing the dynamism and agility of an audiovisual production.

Why hiring 8 Millimeters?


Our team is made of screenwriters specialized in storytelling and experienced in video presentations so that the information given is convincing and fully assimilated.


Our team of designers and art directors are highly qualified and experienced, guaranteeing an excellent video that transmits all the necessary information for your presentation.


We have experience in producing videos for institutional presentations, as well as the structures and equipment needed to deliver the best product for your company.