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Tutorial Videos

Your client needs to understand the merchandise in order to decide to buy it, and 95% of users watch videos to better understand a product or service (State of Video Marketing, 2017).

Investir em um vídeo tutorial assegura uma comunicação mais direta e ágil entre a sua empresa e os seus clientes. Além disso, a internet se tornou uma grande enciclopédia para onde a maioria das pessoas vão para tirar suas dúvidas.

The tutorial video can become a gateway for many to get to know your brand. 

  • Videos of presenters explaining how their product or service works are the most popular and used tutorial model.
  • It is also possible to present just the product without the use of any person through dynamic editing with or without the use of voiceover.
  • Animation can be a great ally in your company's videos, especially when presenting your product or service. 



It is of the utmost importance to know your merchandise in depth in order to know how to present and explain it. The more assertive, didactic and informative your video tutorial is, the more the potential client will trust your product or service. 


The quality of the video reflects that of the displayed merchandise. A tutorial video besides carrying the company's brand, is a demonstration of your product to the client. Good professional capture ensures that the client believes in the excellence of the merchandise and the brand.


81% of people are convinced to purchase a product or service after watching a video according to State of Video Marketing (2017). The video tutorial should remove as many doubts as possible from these potential clients and for that you must know their uncertainties and suspicions in depth.


More complex explanations that may be needed in your tutorial video are better understood with the help of animation. The use of Motion Graphic is also very useful when clarifying non-tangible products or services, such as insurance or courses.

Why hiring 8 Millimeters?


We seek to understand your client and their needs in order to promote truly remarkable and beneficial experiences. We believe that your company's tutorial videos can help in the relationship between you and your client.


We have an excellent team from pre to post-production. Our screenwriters are concerned with getting to know your brand, products and services in depth in order to represent them in the best possible way, as well as having qualified editors and animation designers to serve your best interest.


We provide cinematic quality in all our productions. Allied to our expertise and agility in meeting demands, your company will have an exceptional and quickly delivered tutorial video.