Documentary Production Company


Despite still being closely associated with journalism and entertainment, documentaries can be a powerful communication tool for your company.

People are already used to advertisements and commercials, which is why the documentary expresses greater truthfulness to the past information than any other video marketing product and its longer format allows a deeper understanding of a topic or point of view.

These characteristics reflect more convincing, credibility, attention and understanding of the viewer.

  • Even though it lasts longer, the production of a documentary is considerably cheaper due to its realistic aesthetics.
  • Institutional documentaries are not only for promoting the company but also for transmitting a good story or information.
  • O documentário é a produção ideal para celebrar realizações ou marcas pessoais atingidas pela sua empresa, por exemplo.



A documentary is pure history and people understand better when they are told well. A good screenwriter is essential to create compelling narratives that involve the viewer in a captivating way, transmitting emotions.


The quality of the video reflects that of your brand. Even with a more realistic aesthetic identity, a documentary needs adequate lighting, good audio recording and, above all, quality equipment chosen with precision. 


The institutional documentary is the most humane way of conveying your company's view. Nowadays, institutions that spread ideas that are inconsistent with their internal conduct are easily unmasked. So it's important to convey a clear message that truly represents your brand.


It is the montage that sustains the audience's attention and interest from the beginning to the end of the video. Choosing the best soundtrack and color correction of the captured images ensure that the final product is attractive and, consequently, your company's image as well.

Why hiring 8 Millimeters?


The script is the cornerstone of a documentary and its execution is completely different from other institutional products such as commercials. Our team of screenwriters is made of professionals specialized in documentary storytelling.


We also have a journalism team especially focused on research in order to find ideal characters and support materials to tell the story your company needs.


We were born producing documentaries. We truly love and believe in this style. In recent years, we have developed several productions in this format for the corporate public.