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People know that commercials and institutional videos, for example, are made by the company itself and it is the company speaking well of itself. Done well, they convince the public, of course, but there is something that confirms the information passed on much more easily: other people speaking well about your brand, product or service.

The video case is when a customer you already serve talks about the qualities of your company, how you helped and benefited them. With that twinkle in his eye, then yes, anyone who watches it will believe what is being said.

  • The video case generates greater credibility to the data and information that is being passed on. 
  • Your potential customer realizes that other people have had the same problems and your company provided the solution. 



Today's audience can tell the difference between real and fictional testimonials. Your client needs to identify with who is telling the story and, above all, needs to see the truth in what is being said.


Isn't a picture worth more than a thousand words? In your video case, show how your product or service works and the solution it provides. For this, it is worth using images of the company, the service being provided and the merchandise.


It is not possible to discuss or deny facts. Use and abuse animations to illustrate the most important data, helping to fix them in your potential client's mind, in addition to making your video case more aesthetically pleasing.


People better assimilate good and true stories. A good screenwriter is fundamental to create an attractive narrative line that demonstrates all the human factor of a case video and captivatingly explains your company, your product and service.

Why hiring 8 Millimeters?


In addition to passing on information, our videos transmit emotions. Your client will never doubt or forget all the sensations he felt when he saw your video case.


We have vast experience in capturing this format, in addition to having the necessary structures and equipment to deliver the best video for your company.


We have a team of screenwriters specialized in storytelling to convey the right emotion in your video case, in addition to ensuring a fluid, convincing and engaging narrative.