360° and VR

360° Videos

360° Videos are a powerful communication tool. Its technology allows showing all points of view of a scene, making the spectator experience the moment of filming, increasing the notion of transparency and veracity.

Furthermore, 360° opens up a range of possibilities for your corporate videos, as you can insert this technology in almost any audiovisual product and it associates your brand with concepts of innovation and originality.

Despite not being a cheap or simple production, when used for the right purpose, 360° video improves the capture of the viewer's attention and understanding of the information.

  • The 360° can be seen holding a cell phone and moving it, or using virtual reality glasses. Some social medias such as Facebook even allow you to view it by simply “dragging” the video to the sides.
  • Your institutional video can be captured with 360° technology, as a virtual visit to your company's headquarters, increasing the connection between your client and your brand.
  • The 360° can also be used for training videos, expanding the understanding of past information by immersing the viewer in the explained place or system, for example.
  • Commercials and tutorial videos are other products where it is possible to add 360° technology to improve the presentation of your goods or services.



Investing in 360° technology is not the cheapest option so know the right reason to use it. Immersion can greatly benefit your audiovisual product, but it is essential to think and plan a strategy behind its use.


The quality of the video always reflects that of your brand. Recording a 360° video is extremely complex, so adequate lighting, good audio capture and, above all, quality equipment used by experienced workers are essential.


Since it is the viewer who decides where to look and at what moment, the story of the video ends up being “written” by the viewer. It's important to have a good script, thought out down to the smallest detail, to ensure a concise and interesting narrative.


If recording a 360° is complex, your montage would be no different. It sustains the audience's attention and interest from the beginning to the end of the video, in addition to ensuring that the immersion actually occurs with the choice of the best soundtrack and color correction of the captured images.

Why hiring 8 Millimeters?


Our service is complete and in-depth so that we can fully understand your company's needs and, together, we can think about your 360° video strategy from the beginning.


We have an experienced team at all stages of production, from scriptwriters specialized in storytelling, camera operators with experience in 360° equipment, to highly qualified editors and animation designers.


We always care about being technologically ahead. That's why since 2016 we've been offering 360º technology and we've even produced an immersive video during the São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade.